Trivium Prep Administrative Team

Heidi Vasiloff


Matt Ogle

Assistant Headmaster

Chris Scripter

High School Dean

Jennifer Eckert

Middle School Dean

Dan Schutten

Middle School Dean

Susie Kissell

Director of Operations

Janna Willingham

Office Manager

Jenna Schutten

Assistant Office Manager

Ava Cornelius

Nurse/Front Office

Matt Akins

Athletics Director

Michael Spencer

Assistant Athletics Director

Annann Hong

Director of Academy Giving

Veronica Neal

ESS Regional Coordinator

Rashele Hoyer

ESS Coordinator

Meaghan (Pacer) Jimenez

ESS Coordinator

Marie Hager

ESS Support

RJ Zablotny

Director of Math Intervention

Kathy Jenkins

504/Testing Coordinator

Jennifer Luque

Director of College Counseling

Jodi Ogle

Administrative Assistant/Events

Brienne McDonald


Jodi Tinker


Jodi Pfunder

Administrative Assistant

Trivium Prep Faculty

Myriam Acherbo-Eberenz

9th Spanish

Esther Alleman

7th, 11th, 12th Art

Alicia Barrena

10th, 11th, 12th Spanish

Pawel Bendisz

6th, 12th Art

Robert Blundell

7th, 11th Science

Nathan Bradshaw

9th Poetry/Drama, 11th, 12th Drama, 12th HL

Kelly Briggs

7th, 9th Science

Marrisa Buschow

6th, 9th Science

Frank Chilbert

7th, 8th History

Monica Chilbert

6th Latin, 7th Lit Comp

Elaina Cray

6th History/Lit Comp

Jennifer Eckert

7th & 8th Latin

Dan Finnegan

10th Humane Letters

Eric Haney

9th Geometry

Wes Hardin

6th History/Lit Comp

Kathy Jenkins

7th History

Michael Johnson

6th Math, 10th & 11th Economics

Paul Johnson

6th Latin, 7th Lit Comp

Aaron Kroeber

8th Latin, 11th Lit Comp

Erin Lewis

9th & 10th Music

Amy Lively

9th Humane Letters

Isabelle Lozon

12th Science

James Manion

7th & 8th History

Glenn Maur

6th & 7th Latin

Monica Mazza

7th Latin, 8th Lit Comp

Rachel (Hofer) McKnight

11th, 12th Math

Samuel McKnight

7th & 8th Music, 9th Poetry/Drama

Sean Mooney

6th History/Lit Comp

Merle Moore

6th Music

Stephanie Ochoa

8th Science

Luke Patient

9th, 10th Latin, 11th, 12th Greek

Jeremy Pelletier

7th & 8th Art

Alex Richards

8th Lit Comp, 11th Humane Letters

Jay Sandusky

7th Math

Dan Schutten

10th, 11th Economics, 10th, 12 Math

Chris Scripter

10th Humane Letters

Kellie Scripter

9th Humane Letters

Michael Spencer

10th Math

Joseph Swope

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Music

Lucy Tallman

10th Science

Angelica Tambornino

6th Science

Brett Velez

6th, 7th Math

Josette Velez

7th, 8th Science

John Vurpillat

9th, 12th Humane Letters

Nancy Washburn

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th French

Christopher Waters

7th Lit Comp, 9th Poetry/Drama

RJ Zablotny

8th Math