Dear Students and Parents:

We hold our student-parent-teacher conferences to discuss the next steps in each student’s academic growth. In preparation for these conferences, we ask students to develop a Student Growth Plan (SGP). The SGP is a one-page document that captures the themes of the student evaluations, puts them into context, and documents the key area the student chooses as an area for growth in the coming year. Whether the student earns “straight A’s” or is failing, or anywhere in between, he or she is likely aware of an area where growth would bring them greater effectiveness as a student or greater joy in learning.

After writing the SGP, we ask that students attend their conferences to share and discuss the plan with their teachers and parents.  During the conference, students will share why they choose a specific area for growth and receive feedback and support for teachers and parents. Some students may choose to modify their plans after the conference consultation.

The “Action Menu” link below provides two lists. The first contains 14 Learning Techniques that Research Shows to be Most Effective. The second list is categorized to provide a long list of ideas a student might choose to employ in their growth plan. The “Student Growth Plan” link provides the single sheet plan, to be filled in, and the instructions for completing each part.

It is my sincerest hope that will continue to grow as scholars throughout this process.

Thank you,


Heidi Vasiloff

Action Menu

Student Growth Plan